It perplexes us, too. His dead stare into the camera, as though it has literally taken his soul has caused us many hours of anguish and amusement. Most of that amusement seems to come from his insistence that everything is a tie, or a dead heat if you will. That’s one of the reasons for this blog. We don’t think both sides are to blame, like most media outlets, and we don’t think everything’s a tie. Sometimes, people are just wrong, and we mean to tell you when we think so.


Alright, here’s the full scoop. Dead Heat Politics is a community of bloggers coming together to discuss and collect all things politics. We all found each other on this wondrous thing called the internet, on a gaming forum more specifically. No matter the beginnings, no one is immune to the world of politics. We liked sharing our political ideas, opinions, and discussions so much with each other that we thought we ought to share it with others.

We’ll cover the wonky details of policy to the campaign horse races and everything in between all while giving you our (mostly) unfiltered opinion. We run the gamut of opinion here at Dead Heat, and we’re not afraid to disagree with each other. Our only goal is to get to the bottom of this crazy thing we call democracy. Each post is not an end, but merely a means to an end. It may be the culmination of research. It might be a surprising find. It is often fresh idea. It could even be a question. Most importantly, though, it is the beginning of a conversation.

We also have a penchant for poking fun at the media that normally covers these things, what is supposed to be our citizens’ eyes into our own democracy. In that role it holds a disproportionate amount of power. It’s blogs like these, though, that can bring this power down to the real world and put things into a perspective where not everything is a tie, and sometimes it really isn’t both sides’ fault. It was once asked “Who watches the Watchmen?” Well, who watches the media? We do. And we often laugh. Hopefully, you’ll laugh with us. Sometimes we learn, though, and hopefully, you’ll learn with us.


Click over to our contributors page and take a look at who’s writing these fine posts.


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