Curt Schilling’s Still a Teabagger

I’m not a big baseball fan, but I did develop an interest in Red Sox pitcher, and outspoken anti-government bootstrapper, Curt Schilling. Back in November, a lawsuit was filed against Schilling by the state of Rhode Island for bilking the taxpayers for millions of dollars. It’s been a while since I heard about any updates, aside from this somewhat recent report about Schilling politely asking a judge to simply forget about this whole bamboozling business and call it squaresies. Seems like he isn’t having fun anymore.


I was curious to see if Schilling learned anything – anything at all – from this catastrophe, so I went to check out his blog, which sadly wasn’t updated very often. So then I decided to scout his twitter feed, which fortunately, proved to be more useful. Sadly, however, it seemed Schilling was just as teabagger-y as ever:


Yes, if anyone has a right to speak out against crushing debt, it’s Curt Schilling.


For we all know, you would never do such a thing, right, Curt?


Indeed. And the $75 million government loan you took didn’t include a single penny from the tax payers of Rhode Island either.


I don’t think I’m being unfair with my criticism. Here’s a guy who constantly spewed Randian garbage like this and this, only to turn around and not only seek out evil socialist assistance, but actively encourage states to listen to that advice, as well!


Granted, I suppose it’s too much to expect that such an experience would cause Schilling to reevaluate his economic beliefs. But at the very least, you would think Schilling would have enough sense to keep his politics to himself. But as I’ve said many a time, self awareness and shame are commodities that were always in short supply among teabaggers.

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