Neil Cavuto Thinks People On Food Stamps Aren’t Being Shamed ENOUGH

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto did a typically Neil Cavuto-esque piece on his show lamenting once again how the filthy poors have it sooo easy:

Cavuto starts off by pointing out that spending for food stamps is currently at $78 billion and that due to things like rising costs of food, some people have the audacity to suggest spending should be even higher!

He then brings on Michelle Malkin to provide some obvious “common sense” commentary. Malkin mentions a report conducted by the National Academy of Science requested by the USDA, whose conclusion was that stipends need to be higher because in certain places, like urban areas, it’s more difficult to afford healthier food. Malkin says that these “federal bureaucrats” don’t seem to understand that we need the stigma associated with food stamps, “otherwise people will buy crappy foods.” (This part’s a bit confusing because I thought the whole point of buying “crappy food” with food stamps is cause it’s usually “crappy food” that people on food stamps can afford?)

Cavuto follows up with this brilliant line:

“Well, we put a sheen or gloss to it now where we actually make it like a Norman Rockwell type of benefit where we glorify food stamps.”

You have got to be kidding me. Who the hell is “glorifying” the idea of being on food stamps? It’s reasonable to say that the vast, vast majority of people who are on food stamps are on them not because it’s a great way to build up prestige, but because they need them. I grew up on food stamps, and believe me, Neil, I’ve never bragged about that fact to any of my friends.

And this highlights one of the many instances where a talking point thrown around by Cavuto, Malkin and their ilk in right wing media conflicts with one of their other talking points. These folks go on the air every single day lambasting Obama for presiding over a bad economy where not many people are working, while simultaneously complaining that those same people aren’t out there looking for jobs. For every job opening out there, there’s nearly 4 people trying to compete for it.

The Right really doesn’t want to hear this, but recessions don’t happen because of millions of people coming together and deciding to start being lazy all of a sudden.

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